Do you want to feel better?

Pir Burhanuddin in Sohbat. Do you want to feel better?

Q: You were in this period of three months when you were silent. Was that easy for you to do?

ShWhen you go into silence it is maybe in the beginning a little odd but very, very quickly it develops as a very peaceful thing, not to have to speak. It is an incredible relief.

And also the effect it has on people is very nice. They are much more tender, much more present in a way and much more sensitive towards you. So it was a very happy time. The difficulty was in fact to return. As I had the agreement with my friend to do it only three months which was already a lot, so he had to do all the shopping, you know, and all these kind of things. And I think it was in some way more a challenge for him than for me. So I agreed with him that three months is it and then I’ll come back. When it came to the end it was very difficult for me to come back. I actually did like it. If it was up to me I would have stayed silent.