A good practice / Una buona pratica

A good practice / Una buona pratica, Sheikh Hassan Dyck


Sheikh Hassan, born in Germany, found his way to Islam while studying Indian music.

It was later in India that his spiritual search began, which lead him to Sufism and to his

Master Sheikh Nazim in 1975, who he now represents in Germany.




The Naqshbandi order
 is a mediaeval Sufi order originating in

Central Asia. While most Sufi orders attribute their foundation to

Ali, Mohammed’s son-in-law, the Naqshbandi traces its direct

spiritual  lineage back to the Prophet  (God’s peace be upon him)

himself through Abu Bakr, the first Califah and Muhammad’s

(God’s peace be upon him) companion. 

The supreme spiritual leader of the Naqshbandi Haqqani

branch is the Grand Sheikh Nazim, who lives in Cyprus.





simbax-faviconsimbax video seeks to provide a platform help students improve t

heir lives. To accomplish this you will find here teachers providing

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