Casa Rabbani

I made this video in our dervish meeting place, “Casa Rabbani” in Italy …

music composed and  played by our beloved Sheikh Burhanuddin


Made with cuore




We are all students in the school of love, although it may take us a long time and much

suffering to admit this fact. Something obstinately refuses to see the obvious. Its

amazing how stubborn and slow we are, and how often we still forget.

We forget whenever we think ourselves more important than others, whenever we see

our own desires and goals as more important than the feelings and well-being of those

we love. We forget whenever we blame others for what we ourselves have been guilty

of. We forget whenever we lose sight of the fact that in this school of love it is love

that we all are trying to learn.


Unless we look with the eyes of love we cannot see things as they are.

We are not merely Love’s passive instruments; we are its servants. In order to know

how to serve, Love needs to be grounded in knowledge. Love is both mystery and

knowledge. Furthermore, it is a mystery that has spoken to us about Itself in the

form of those revelations that have profoundly altered the course and quality of

human history. The lives and teachings of Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad have

influenced and transformed so many billions of people because they are essentially

teachings of love.


The Sufis know that Love is the most active, the most powerful force in the

universe. Love is always acting on us. We think we are the creators and directors

of our lives, but our actions may be just the slightest visible signs of a process

that is vast and invisible. We know only a fragment of what can be seen; what is

of the unseen we know very little. Like children we are unconscious of all the

forces and factors that sustain us, care for us, that guide our life and our world.


The spiritual life requires a reversal of our usual egoistic thinking and wanting.

We believe that we are seeking, but what if it is Love itself that is the seeker?

If we attempt to go this way alone, we will only find our own ego. God loves us to

be together. God is us-with-us and doesn’t like loneliness. Trying to attain truth

through books alone is like trying to fall in love with a picture.


A human being cannot at first fall in love with something he doesn’t see. But

if one meets the Divine love in others who have melted in that love, if one

stays close to those who have understood this love, then we begin to sense the

Love behind all the forms of love. We enter spiritual work and spiritual

community so that love might be more revealed and known, less obscure.

Something has brought us together, established the relationships of our lives,

and there is a reason for this and a reason behind the reason. Among other

things it is our purpose to discover the reason and to explore what connects

us. An infinite intelligence has arranged our situation and that infinite

intelligence is certainly not you or me, although it operates through you

and me.


We are here to be in communication with each other and to explore the

mystery of love. It is love which is the arranger. It is love that brought

us here. We are here to open a space that love can enter and be more

known, more apparent, more understood. If we can keep this intention

in mind–opening a space for love–it will help us to stay aligned with

its power.


Liebe ist


















Come, Come, Whoever You Are.

Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.

It doesn’t matter.

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vow a thousand times.

Come, come again, come.

(Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi)


Vieni, vieni,

chiunque tu sia, vieni.

Che tu sia santo o peccatore, vieni.

Che tu sia onesto o traditore, vieni, vieni.

E anche se hai infranto mille volte il tuo voto, vieni.

La nostra non è una processione di desolazione.

Vieni, vieni. Eppure ancora vieni.

(Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi)


Komm, komm, wer Du auch bist.

Götzenverehrer, Ungläubiger, Jude, Muslim oder Christ.

Hinter unserer Pforte wohnt nicht die Hoffnungslosigkeit;

und hast Du Deine Eide gebrochen?

und das tausendmal?

Auch dann komm wieder

und beginne noch einmal.

komm, komm immer wieder, komm……….

(Dschalal ad-Din Rumi)


Ven, ven, quien seas tu, veni.

Que tu seas santo o pecador, ven.

Que seas honesto o traidor, ven, ven.

Y aunque hayas roto mil veces tu promesa (voto), ven.

La nuestra no es una procesiòn de desolaciòn.

Ven, ven. Aunque sea mas, ven.

(Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi)





This is our dervish meeting place.

A shelter where the dervishes live, meet, pray, praise and work together.

“This place is the house of God. It is your house. Therefore the first thing

we practice here is respect. What is respect?

It is the absence of the will to change someone or something.

This place must be a house of respect and devotion.

This is why we are here: to shift from emotion to devotion.

When you keep yourself in respect and devotion, you forget about

yourself, your emotions and your situation. If you are fixed in them

and you always remember your emotions, then you live inside of them.

If you look in Life you look in God. If you only look in to your situation

you cannot look into Life, you are just dominated by your ego.

Because when you look in to your situation you want to judge it, you

want to change it. But you cannot. Life has to be lived as it is, not to be changed.

In your situation you can only see misery, sadness. If you look in Life,

in God, joy is there. Only God can give you happiness.

But you want to become happy into your situation. But there you cannot

touch it because happiness is only in God.

Therefore we put this house first in the name of God. This should

be your intention. We want to make it a garden, a garden of God, a garden of happiness.” 



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