del vino e della pace

del vino e della pace, con Üzeyir Özyurt a Konya



Üzeyir Özyurt brings the invaluable insights of someone

living the Sufi dervish path directly inspired by Mevlâna

Jalâluddin Rumi. He lives only steps away from where

the spiritual master and poet lived much of his life.

Describing himself as Sufis often do as a “fakir”,

an Arabic word meaning “poor man,” in the sense of

“blessed are the poor in spirit”.




Üzeyir was born and still lives in Konya, Turkey. At the age of 12, he began his study of Sufi

teachings and old Arabic at a highly disciplined Sufi monastery. In his own words, he and his

150 fellow students “had to educate our ego (nafs) for serving and respect for others.”

For five years of immersion, he did not see his family.


mevleviAt Konya University, Üzeyir studied French literature. Since then, he

has studied Italian, English, Spanish, and German languages, which he

uses in his travels to lecture about Mevlâna and Sufism, or to network

with international seekers visiting his Dervish Brothers Center for

information about Rumi. Üzeyir’s uncle was the director of the Mevlâna

(Rumi) museum. Üzeyir grew up in Rumi’s light (and shadow).



Üzeyir considers these as the highlights of his life: Meeting the great teacher Mevlevi 

Suleyman Hayati Dede in his last year,  making Zikr (prayer of remembrance) during

the Mevlâna celebration with  Master Nuri Baba’s Mevlevi dergah (prayer group);

and coming to know Celalettin Celebi and other descendants of Rumi’s family.