Friends of God

Friends of God, with Sheikh Hassan Dyck

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Sheikh Hassan, born in Germany, found his way to Islam while studying Indian music.

It was later in India that his spiritual search began, which lead him to Sufism and to his

Master Sheikh Nazim in 1975, who he now represents in Germany.





Sufism is not different from the mysticism of all religions. Mysticism comes from Adam

(God’s peace be upon him), of monks, of hermits, and of Muhammad

(God’s peace be upon him). A river passes through many countries and each claims it

for its own. But there is only one river.


Truth does not change. People change. People try to possess truth and keep it for

themselves, keep it from others. But you cannot own the truth.

The path of sufism is the elimination of any intermediaries between the individual and God.

The goal is to act as an extension, not to be a barrier.


To be a dervish is to serve and to help others, not just to sit and pray. To be a real dervish is

to lift up those who have fallen, to wipe the tears of the suffering, to caress the friendless and

the orphaned.

Different people have different capacities. Some can help with their hands, others with

their tongue, others with their prayers, and others with their wealth.

Spiritual healing

How is it possible that we have millions of the most brilliant doctors, psychiatrists,

medicine men and women the world over, yet there remains so much pain and suffering?

It seems that the root of all pain is our selfishness, and our lack of human dignity towards

one another.

This might initially seem like a lofty concept, but it is in fact quite practical.

Think about it. If we all cared for others before ourselves, would there be starvation,

hate crimes, and war?

By making an active choice to love unconditionally – to accept others as they are,

respect everyone’s right to their own path, and treat all people with dignity –

we literally play a part in the removal of pain and suffering from the universe.

What’s more, we inspire others to do the same.

This is how change happens on a global scale. It all begins with you, and me.


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