How not to feel lonely

How not to feel lonely with Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann

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Sheikh Burhanuddin  is a mystic and spiritual teacher of German origin.

When he was joung the desire of his heart led him to Maulana Sheikh Nazim

Adil al-Haqqani Rabbani, the current Grand Master and th world guide of the

Naqshbandi Sufi Order. He initiated and educated him to the traditional way of t

he dervishes mainly in Cyprus, where Maulana resides, and during numberless

journeys around the world.

Upon request of Maulana and in line with an old Sufi custom,  Sheikh Burhanuddin

for nearly three decades teaches travelling with tireless passion, sweetness and humor,

through cities, nations and continents. He loves to sit with with the searcher of truth,

with the hearts in love of any backrounds and beliefs.



Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann è un mistico e maestro spirituale di origini tedesche.

Quando era molto giovane, il desiderio del suo cuore di trovare un maestro lo condusse

a Maulana Sheikh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani, l’attuale Gran Maestro e guida mondiale

dell’ordine Sufi Naqshbandi .

E stato lui ad oiniziarlo e educarlo alla via tradizionale dei dervisci, principalmente a

Cipro , dove risiede Sheikh Nazim , e durante innumerevoli viaggi in giro per il mondo.

Su richiesta dello stesso Maulana e in linea con un antico costume Sufi,

Sheikh Burhanuddin da quasi tre decenni insegna viaggiando con instancabile passione,

dolcezza e humour, attraverso città , nazioni e continenti.  Egli ma sedersi con con

i cercatori di verità , con i cuori innamorati di ogni provenienza e credo.




The Journey


The journey into the unknown and unseen world of our soul needs one who has

mastered this territory and has Divine permission to guide others.

The true guide is a Master who does know your destination and can take you there.

They know more than you about where you are going because they have been given the

vision to see, the wisdom to understand and the integrity to be completely trustworthy.

They know the pitfalls and dangers and will keep you safe. They know what you uniquely

require to succeed. Those who possess real wisdom may be qualified to act as tour

guides for other human beings and assist them in understanding the complexities of

human existence and one’s relationship to the Universe.



The Need for a Living Guide


If one is separated from his Shaykh by death or other circumstances, it becomes necessary

to find a living guide who can complete the work of the first master. The path is not the goal,

but the means to reach the goal. Holding onto the attachment to a master, who is no longer

present, usually represents an unrealistic expectation and false hope.



The Signs of Mastery


The main indication of mastery is that when you sit with a master you feel a breeze of faith,

spiritual pleasure. He does not speak except about God. He is always advising the good.

You will benefit from being in his company as you benefit from his words. You will benefit

when you are far from him as you benefit when you are near him. You must see among his

disciples the picture of faith, sincerity, humbleness and piety (God-consciousness) and

you must remember, when you are mixing with the highest state of love, truth and

deference to others.

You must see that his followers represent all different kinds of people in the community.


Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrman












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