Srinagar Kashmir

Srinagar, Kashmir – India with Sheikh Burhanuddin (Clip2)

These videos are a kind of Caravan of Love travel docu of our trip to India with Sheikh Burhanuddin in 2012



MirSyedAliHamdaniMir Sayyid Ali Hamadani (1384-1314)

was a Persian Sufi of the Kubrawi Order.

He was very influential in spreading Islam in Kashmir 

and has had a major hand in shaping the culture of the

Kashmir valley. He was also known as “Shah Hamdhan”

(“King of Hamadhān”, Iran)

and as Amir-i Kabir (“the Great Commander”).




A seeker should be someone who has left himself and connected his heart with the Divine

Presence. He stands in His Presence performing his obligations while visualizing the Divine

with his heart. Allah’s Light has burned his heart giving him a thirst for the nectar of roses,

and withdrawing the curtains from his eyes, allowing him to see His Lord. If he opens his

mouth it is by order of the Divine Presence. If he moves it is by the order of Allah, and if he

becomes tranquil it is by the action of the Divine Attributes. He is in the Divine Presence and

with Allah.”

(Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqanii)


Don’t ask for more; don’t be superior to others; 
be like balm and candle, not a stinging

needle. If you don’t want evil to come to you from anyone,  don’t speak evil, teach evil,

or even think evil of anyone. When you speak with goodwill about others, you will

always be happy, and this happiness is paradise itself.


If you speak with bitterness about someone, you harbor anger, and this anger is hell itself.

When you remember your friends, the garden of your heart blooms with happiness,

filling with roses and basil. If you speak of enemies, thorns and snakes enter the garden of

your heart, and you grow tired and wither.