Kundalini 2/7

Gopi Krishna, Kundalini Awakening


Fully awakened people may fall into many roles but have no attachment to them, responding to

circumstances from an autentic movemnt within that feels impersonal.

They are unlikely to tell you they are awakened, because they know the form they appear to be

is just a shaddow or an illusion based on conditioned mind, and that what is really awake, is

this force of conciousness within that has always been awake and is the same force in everyone

and everything. Those who think they are special and deserve special attention for their spiritual

attainment have not honestly fulfilled the possibility of this process, but are caught in a

cul-de-sac where their seperate identity has usurped the natural unfolding into Self.

It does not surprise me that in Chile nowadays for example they report that 95% of the sciamans

called to be sciaman by the spirits are women and just 5% are men.


I present you here with this video Gopi Krishna, one great spiritual leader whose writings has

deeply effected me and helped me, one of the most enlightened souls i ever met, understanding

the big picture, since he played not the Guru but the was a Spiritual Scientist.

Gopi Krishna is one uman being who achieved partial or full enlightenment.

The remarkable thing in Gopi Krishna’s case, is that he was a scientifically well informed man who

wrote a detailed account of his life story and dramatic kundalini awakening which first occurred in

1937 and stabilized roughly 12 years later into a full state of perennial enlightenment in around


In this privileged state, he spent the next 35 years, until his departure from the earthly plane in

1984. During this long enlightened period, he wrote more than 15 books, and toured the world

talking to and lecturing to groups of scientists, yoga devotees and the general public with his

yoga based scientific explanation of the phenomena of evolution, religion and genius, based on

his unique understanding and personal experience of a full kundalini awakening.

His first major work was “The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius” with an introduction by

the esteemed German scientist Professor Carl Friedrich Von Weiszacker. In this relative short

but momentous revelatory work he explains how his knowledge and experience of the biological

mechanism in the body known to yoga philosophy as kundalini is the true cause of evolution,

thus overturning the theories of the Darwinian Evolutionists, who have in his view by their

misunderstanding of the true evolutionary process brought both religion and mysticism into

disrepute, thus leading us into what he calls “the present crisis”, in which we are witnessing

the breakdown of morality, law and order, and a progressive disintegration into war, terrorism,

and global disaster.

According to Gopi Krishna, this disaster can only be averted through a scientific understanding

of the evolutionary mechanism in the body known as kundalini, and a consequent return to

moral standards – though not necessarily those of a prurient, puritanical nature – which are in

harmony with our current stage of evolutionary development, and pre-requisite for us taking

the next step of the evolutionary ladder, into what he describes as “a fairytale like kingdom of

light, beauty, intelligence and bliss.”

The reader is warned firstly, that Gopi Krishna’s works are detailed and complex, and his

message cannot be absorbed fully without a serious and protracted study, and secondly that

he never advised anybody to awaken kundalini without the guidance of a true master, which

he felt at this time was not generally possible to find, even in India, long considered the

true home of yoga.

However, his general message can be understood by all, and explains the appearance of

geniuses, prophets, and the ongoing evolutionary progress of mankind, and gives what

appears to be the only logical explanation of how we arrived at our “present crisis” and

advice of what we must all do next in order not only to evolve and prosper, but in fact,

merely to survive.


Kundalini is the awakening of consciousness. It is the release of consciousness from the small,

tight bounderies that comprise ordinary physical reality. It can happen once, or it can happen

many times. It can be a little awakening – like a moment of oneness – or a massive, full-blown

experience of the I Am at the core of each individual.

I ancient times, God was known as the I Am. 

When Kundalini carries you into full experience of the Godhead, you end up in a place that is

totally empty of everything physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. There is no yesterday

or tomorrow, no thought, no sense of being a physical body, no world of family o friends, no

list of things to do. A full Kundalini experience is a visit with God and the discovery that you

are it.

After Kundalini truth and purpose become cornerstones in life.  The problem with these is

that if your awakening comes in your thirties, forties, or later, you will already have your life

set up and working. You may have a family, a house, and a career. If the setup you have made

doesn’t match the truth and purpose that come from within, you will suffer.