In Loving Memory Of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim

In Loving Memory Of Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Sheikh Nazim

Sulltan al Awliyya Mawlana Shaikh Muhammad Nazim al.Haqqani

Song of the Soundtrack:

Sheikh Hassan Dyck & Friends – Train of the friends


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We are deaf. Words cannot reach. But some special songs can reach into our conciousness,

they have an important role in spiritual awakening, since they are coming from the knowers

to us, some  of them are very ancient and they are brought to us from generation to generation,

till here today.

We have to keep this tradition.



human evolution


There is a predetermined target for human evolution toward the entire race is being irresistibly

drawn. Whether humanity will arrive there or extinguish itself is another matter. What is sure,

that we have devine destiny.

Kundalini is the basis for attainement of a higher state of conciousness. Such a state, if widely

attained, would mean a new species of humanity, a higher race, a light race. Kundalini is the

evolutiomary energy and mechanism operating in the human race.

Still it is quite rare for the kundalini process to be carried to completion. But the genetically ripe

person whom it happens experiences a golden- white light within his or her head.

Unsustained by a sensible, healthy, balanced manner of living, this energy can turn malignant

and become the source of deteriorating health, terrible bodily heat and pain, many forms of

mental illness, and even sudden death. This energy is affected by every shade of passion and

emotion, by food and drink, by enviroment and mode of life. It is alterated by desire and ambition,

by conduct and behavior, and many other influences.

The only way to safety and survival lies in determining the evolutionary needs and erecting our

social and political systems in conformity with those needs.

The awakening of Kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful archievment in front of

uman being.