on the spiritual path

on the spiritual path, the movement is always the same

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, german Sufi Master (eng/ita)


This ancient wisdom is the wisdom of the men who have realised the Truth. In the

Srimadbhagwadgita Lord Sri Krishna reveals this ancient wisdom in the form of

Sankhyayoga, Buddhiyoga and Karmayoga, the essence of which is that every one

who has been born will have to die one day but the soul is eternal.

The changes in the body do not mean changes in the soul. For a wise man pain and

pleasure, loss and gain, victory and defeat are the same. He remains unperplexed in


The path of selfless action is the right path in which there is neither loss of effort nor

any fear of adverse result.


One, who has overcome attachment, who neither rejoices in meeting with the good nor

recoils in meeting with the evil, is said to have attained stability of mind.

There comes a stage in the evolution of an illuminated soul, when it begins to see the

law hidden behind nature. To it the whole of life reveals its secret.