Overwhelmed by Emotions

Q/A Sheik Burhanuddin Herrmann on Emotions


Well you see, you must be you, without you. Which means that all these emotions they don’t take you anywhere, they don’t give you what you are looking for.

It is like you are caught in the body, but it is not the body, it not the spiritual.

The emotions are fascinating us, because They seem to be higher and bring us closer and both is true, but you have to go further. There is something which is beyond emotions. And this you must look for. To go beyond emotions you have to leave them. You don’t have to feed them.

Then you will come into a state. And it is already in the word, emotions they are all the time in motion, you cannot stabilize them. It is exactly this trap: you want all the time to arrange your emotions, you cannot, they are in motion, in movement, so you can never grab them or understand how really exactly they are. Because in one minute you can have 10 emotions, therefore we do not concentrate on the emotions, we allow them to be there and we look at them, and we are not practicing psychology, we go beyond psychology and that will lead you to a state.

And in that state you are not loving, you are love; you are not enjoying, you are joy; you are not having a peaceful moment, you are peace. A state is not what you receive, it enables you to give what you feel, because it is in your hands, in your possessions. While the emotions are never in your possessions, love comes and love goes, joy comes, joy goes. In the morning you love me, in the midday you get angry, in the evening you don’t love me, after dinner you love me again, and it is the same person you say I love him, but it is not stable, we cannot trust each other in this love, you cannot trust yourself in this love.

To you reach beyond emotions, it may sound cold, and you say, oh my God if I loose my emotions I loose my humanity. No, you loose all the complications of your humanity, you loose the distortions. We have over emotionalized everything all, the concept of love, the concept of being together and this causes so much troubles and pressure.

Now it is a time to come back to practicality, to have humour, to see what must be first. So when you find a river you are interested in its origin and no matter what you see in between, it is not really important. What is really important it is that you find the origin, and when you find it, everything is fine. No matter what was in between, it is the source that will give you eternal happiness.

When you know it is the source, you will always have fresh waters, and it will be always the purest, clean water, full of life, and that wipes off all the experiences and the emotions you had before. You do not need them any longer, because you can have them fresh in every moment.


Yes, this is not a bad observation. There is time, psychological time and everything that consumes psychological time is something that distorts us. When you come to the source there is no time, there is isness, instantly, there is just the source available at the very moment, you don’t have to travel for it, to reach, this is all, is everywhere, is there and is alive, it is your source.

It is not easy to put it in words because also for everyone it may appear a bit different, it has to do with your uniqueness, it has to do with your inner secret, which only you have, no other.

From that inner secret you resonate differently with existence. That resonance gives an enormous happiness to the all. That’s why no one is replaceable, it does not mean that if you go the existence collapses, but it is the sound that changes. Every moment has its own very particular sound, every time, every decade has its very own sound.

You may not notice the difference in one day, or in one month, in one year, but in ten years you may notice the different sound. This is what people say, the old time sounded different. The past have been better, just because when we have our first experience, our soul receive an imprint that time, and this sound gives us another happiness compared to the new sound. When you are aware

of that, you will also understand that nothing can be saved, fixed, it has to move, this is the divine command. Everything has to change, to move on and on and on.
Do not fix yourself on anything, breath in and out, move in, do not try to hold, grab it.
Everything is arranges long time ago.

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