sadness inside / tristezza interiore

sadness inside / tristezza interiore, with Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann





Each person can be a messenger

The answers to our problems are always available to us, but we are not always open

to receiving them. One of the most powerful ways to access solutions is to open

ourselves to hearing others – especially when their point of view differs from our own.

405470_494931860534572_1421717699_nThis sounds so simple. Anyone can listen, right?

But hearing is altogether different than listening.

We may listen, but we are preconditioned to

disagree rather than to hear out. Sometimes we

justify it by telling ourselves that we already

know all the facts.


Or, maybe we assume that because another person isn’t perfect they couldn’t possibly

have any wisdom to share. Other times, we close ourselves off out of fear of being wrong,


“If I take in what this person has to say, maybe it will mean I have to change.”

The refusal to hear others not only creates negative energy in our relationships, but it

can also block us from hearing what we need to move forward in our personal growth.

If you open your heart, and open your mind, you will hear the solutions the universe is

trying to send you.



Sheikh Burhanuddin received direct transmission of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order,

one of the most authoritative and ancient among the forty traditional existing Sufi Orders.

It is known through the ages under different names, like the  “School of the Masters of

Wisdom”, or the “Path of Love”.




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