Spiritual Realities 2

Spiritual Realities – Christopher Bache 2/4


Chris Bache, professor of Religious Studies at Youngstown State University for

almost 30 years and faculty member at the California Institute of Integral Studies.


The truth of self-realization [and Reality itself] are neither one nor two.

Because of the power of this self-realization, [Reality] is able universally to benefit

others as well as oneself; it is absolutely impartial, with no idea of this and that,

like the earth from which all things grow. Reality itself has neither form nor no-form;

like space it is beyond knowledge and understanding; it is too subtle to be expressed

in words and letters.

‘Why? Because it is beyond the realm of letters, words, speeches, mere talk,

discriminative intellection, inquiring and speculative reflection; and again it is

beyond the realm of the understanding which belongs to the ignorant…Because it

is neither this nor that, it is beyond all mentation; it is formless, without form,

transcending the realm of all falsehoods; because it abides in the quietness of

no-abode… (Avatamsaka Sutra)