The Checkmate point

 The Checkmate point – with Sheikh Burhanuddin



Sheikh Burhanuddin started moving his first steps on the Sufi path when he was very

young. At the age of nineteen, after seeing one of his pictures, he decided to invite to his

town his future teacher, the Grand Master Maulana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani, the

present world guide of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order.

Maulana Sheikh NazimWhen he first met him, he was so

overwhelmed by his majesty and power,  that

he simply fainted in the middle of the street.

From that day on he was at his side,

accompanying him in his frequent travelling all

 over the world  spreading  the Sufi

teaching of Acceptance and Love.




The Enneagramm 


enneagrammSpeaking in general it must be understood that the

enneagram is an universal symbol. All knowledge

can be included in the enneagram and with the help

of the enneagram it can be interpreted. And in this

connection only what a man is able to put into the

enneagram does he actually know, that is, understand.

What he cannot put into the enneagram he does not

understand. For the man who is able to make use of it,

the enneagram makes books and libraries entirely

unnecessary. Everything can be included and read

in the enneagram. A man may be quite alone in the desert and he can trace the enneagram

in the sand and in it read the eternal laws of the universe. And every time he can learn

something new, something he did not know before.





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