The inner search / La ricerca interiore

with Sheikh Burhanuddin  – The inner search / La ricerca interiore





La pratica è importante, ma ciò che conta davvero, il vero inizio del cammino,

è che tu abbia fiducia in qualcuno e lo ascolti. In questo modo entrerai in

contatto con il cuore anziché con il metodo, e ti radicherai nel divino.

Molte persone praticano meditazione, ma non fanno appello al loro cuore.

Possono andare avanti per anni e anni con i loro corsi e seminari, possono

apprendere i metodi più avanzati, ma finché non si innamorano e si sottomettano

ad una guida non vanno da nessuna parte.

Sottomettersi significa sedersi con qualcuno che ha percorso il sentiero prima

di te e fare esattamente quel che ti dice di fare.

Burhanuddin HerrmannIl Cammello sul Tetto ARMENIA



Sheikh Burhanuddin is a mystic and spiritual teacher of German origin.

When he was joung the desire of his heart led him to Maulana Sheikh

Nazim Adil al-Haqqani Rabbani, the current Grand Master and th world

guide of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order. He initiated and educated him

to the traditional way of the dervishes mainly in Cyprus, where Maulana

resides, and during numberless journeys around the world.

Upon request of Maulana and in line with an old Sufi custom,

Sheikh Burhanuddin for nearly three decades teaches travelling with tireless

passion, sweetness and humor, through cities, nations and continents.

He loves to sit with with the searcher of truth, with the hearts in love of

any backrounds and beliefs.





Sufism is not different from the mysticism of all religions. Mysticism comes from Adam

(pbuh), of monks, of hermits, and of Muhammad (pbuh). A river passes through many

countries and each claims it for its own. But there is only one river.

Truth does not change. People change. People try to possess truth and keep it for 

themselves, keep it from others. But you cannot own the truth.

The path of sufism is the elimination of any intermediaries between the individual and God.

The goal is to act as an extension, not to be a barrier.

To be a dervish is to serve and to help others, not just to sit and pray. To be a real dervish is

to lift up those who have fallen, to wipe the tears of the suffering, to caress the friendless and

the orphaned.

Different people have different capacities. Some can help with their hands, others with

their tongue, others with their prayers, and others with their wealth.




Sharing is the purpose of life and the only way to truly receive fulfillment.

When individuals share, they connect to the force of energy that is called Light,

the Infinite Source of Goodness, the Divine Force, the Creator.

By sharing, one can overcome ego – the force of negativity.




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